Thursday, 29 September 2011


Since I have known to have a fetish there is this craze I have always had –ARABIAN HUNKS. I mean where I live we have some fine Arab neighbors who I usually see around. There is this thing with them that they peak as in shortly after 18 they look absolutely amazingly HOT.

There this one guy –he basically resembles jesus with all the beautiful black long hair to the ubber smooth skin brown skin tone. jesus passes and everyone looks in awe(even straight guys) he is that fine. I one day joked to a friend that I hope this fine ass gets found –ya know models get found striding in the street in London or drinking coffee at a cafeteria. Not to forget jesus has crystal clear blue eyes with an impeccable smile revealing the perfect teeth I mean I just can’t find an error in creation in this dude and his demeanor is this soft tender and polite shy.

Next is now the neighbor –they are very rich so picture him in this hot sleek car with stunners perfectly matching his face. One of my cousins has a huge crash on him but hey admiring is for free I guess. So he is named flames .He is around 5`9, slender, very good looking with an upcoming mustache with perfect teeth. He has an average sense of style but rocks tight pants.

One day I was coming from school and met flames at the court gate –gosh my blood boiled with lust –images of the things we would be doing to each other engulfing my thoughts, guys the guy was smoking and when I turned to take a last look after he passed me I was floored –he was sagging this black underwear/boxer briefs –God have mercy guys I felt my self getting hard by the second –of course I couldn’t contain myself and “helped myself with butt image in my head”-TRUE STORY-the down side to him is that he abuses drugs which is just a major turn off for so know am fine with myself and the crush on him.

The one thing that really captivates me about Arabs is the ‘R` pronunciation which I always find hilarious –stupid I know. So with Arabs in Kenya they don’t really interact with ‘others’ so my chance with one is but for now a tight dream. Any hot Arab hunk hala my way……… he he

Currently enjoying
Not over you –Gavin degraw
Fly-Nikki minaj ft rihana
Cheers, drink to that-Rihanna
Mirrow –Lil Wayne ft Bruno mars
Lady antebellum-open up your eyes
IT girl-Jason derulo

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


He is brown ,6`2 ,slightly slender and averagely good looking.He`s name is paul and he is a tourism student .So paul came to college when i was in doing some internship earlier in the year so when i came back i immediately took notice of this sseriously good looking guy with bad boy swag.

 So his day i came to school as usual so many a times before i go to class i always hang around one the fly overs we have in school and just maybe make some calls or do nothing. So this day i was having a phone call to one of my girlfriends she is in meru and i have never even seen her but she seem nice to say the least -am loosing track-so this guy comes around wearing a nice white T shirt ,with nice demin trousers and killer snekers with some green something on them,with a very nice looking green scarf-i was smittened away ,i immediately gave im the 'eye' .

So over the weeks i developed this really bad obsession of every morning going around their classes and just looking at his beautiful self-my gaydar is still searching but am positive(he he). So surprisingly in that class is another hot chick i was tuning(she is very hot) so we got close with her and one day i told her to tell Paul "i like his swag"-pretty much sound innocent and by the way most Kenyan chicks always have no clue.

I noticed some change in him in that whenever we met around campus we our eyes meet and he always in places i am in. The one thing that attracts me to him more is his sense of style and his shy nature around me.
For example there is this time we went to the college cafeteria and shortly he came with his friends and they sat next to us(my friends) he would glance at me and most times disappear in his phone-it would really amuse me in a way.

Recently after we opened school i only found out they were going for a trip around the country fer three weeks i was gutted.When we saw each other i would see he really wanted to talk to me but i couldn't- just by the way i have never hit on a guy -it just feels strange not mentioning the fear of "unknown"-i hate rejection we all do .

I for now really miss him really bad i mean he is the first guy ever to have like a strong crush on coupled with feelings surprisingly enough guys i have never talked to him.Am douche bag i know.  Stay tuned ..................

Thursday, 15 September 2011

We can all have it
 Why does it seem so synonymous with a lot of gay men, it sounds this comes with being gay or bi.
I have been reading a lot of blogs lately and one thing that come out clearly s this bout of depression, self confusion and at time denial coupled with self loathing that is so unnecessary
They say happiness comes from the depths of our souls and every being has an ability to be happy in whatever scenario or situation. It’s a priceless gift happiness they say-I know what many of us are going through can be difficult not to have to deal many a time with it alone or you confide in acquaintances that in turn threaten or blackmail us into their slaves.
The fear of unknown usually overrides us probably denies us the happiness we never come to experience. Love messes us up emotionally and derails us from what we want wholly for what we need sexually. We thinks all is fairytale in relationships and when reality sets in we go into these cocoons of depressing hiding from the world(friends, family) hoping tomorrow the sun will rise with the birds singing happy tune that will rejuvenate us from self destruction.

We always find excuses in unbalanced love, imperfect boyfriends/partners and some time the world if not the devil. We believe having it all in perfect light will bring such unimaginable happiness and contentment only to fall short and find someone to blame at time –we take the blame not knowing we are putting the wrong chip at the wrong place.
It really irritates me when all we can only really think or talk about is our sexuality –I mean we have a world existing besides we just being gay/bi.Why do we really make our sexuality define every aspects of our lives-it like a grading scale everything in our life is graded against. We are beautiful, ugly, imperfect, soft, sweet, bised, stereotypes –we are just as the same-when one tells you as I read in a blog-you are an abomination-please c’mon you really believe that shit and go into depression-the attitude should be am so important and worthy being in this planet for every one of us has a purpose and who are they to judge.
When self meditating I always look around in my life how friends and family value me thus I deeply know am of so much value and purpose yet to be fulfilled and just by the way if one finds you useless in the since when they know who you really are the depart then sweethearts you are roaming with the wrong ants. 

The one thing we can know is we are all beautiful and nothing can replace every one of us knowing each one of us has a divine purpose to achieve in this world.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys, I know am such a God knows what. This month has been very interesting for me since my last post. I have been doing my end year exams so a dude gotta read. Then I had the privilege to hike one of Africa`s highest mountains which is has a creator on top of it. Going round the creator was just breath taking to say the least. Kenya is just beautiful period.
I had this crush in school whom I struggled to approach(sorry vain I failed) –hope next semester I will master the necessary strength to say atleast hi,-more updates on this later.

This is me; 
Songs rocking ma world now;
Sing –my chemical romance
Futuristic lover –katty perry
If I die young-band perry
Cupid-amy winehouse
Adele-set fire to the rain
Adele-someone like you
Beyonce-Best thing I never had-she pregnant can`t stop laughing at Jay z child joke-ofcourse on his seriously good look.
Maroon 5-stutter
Lady gaga-born this way
Kanye ft jay z-ottis

Series currently loving
Borgias-love the catholic analogy
Merlin-I loved it as a child so …..
Greys anatomy season 7-adent fan
Mad men-love Christina hendrics bust and her signature walk-fan of this show will know
Vampire diaries-cathrine is fierce-ian someholder ???????-esp the eyes
Dexter-I love this guy.

Am slender and dark in complexion
Am very assertive with my opinions and intelligent to add
Am still finding me on the romantic sex life
 I love rock music the most
Am religious-follow T D jakes ,joel Osteen and john hagee.
 I love humanity.
Am much at times the life of the party-no bragging trust me.

MORE 2 COME…………….. :-)