Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Lately i have been feeling so much rejuvenated with life ,i have been finding myself and to say the truth ''me time'' has really worked for me this time. I have been wondering what it would fell like actually resolving to stop pushing the things that make you -you and embracing the inner you.

At times  ad feel really scared on what the world around me would think of me,the judgment ,the low whispering in the alley,street and other places,the gasp of my close friends and family would show when the know the truth.Many would resonate with me its a difficult undertaking more so when the future is so unknown.

Nevatheless i have made a resounding resolution to live a life of self worth coupled with self respect ,love and assurance. Whatever the world will hurl at me it will be dealt with accordingly and no fear or negative vibe will put me down. I guess a journey of a thousand miles start with one step and when i read the first post i did about me ,i feel i have really evolved and thanks to you guys for reading and your comments that have made me fell a sense of belonging in this journey of life.

I have been reading alot of new blogs (to me )lately and i found my footing where i lie.Both extremes can be comforting but i gues one has to find where your soul,mind and body clicks the best and thats where your true self  lies. As i have mentioned in this blog earlier am a person that many of my friends find valuable and to be really sure they will not bolt when i finaly unleash the beautiful truth is a surerity that i may reckon is far fetched.

Many a times when birds of a fether flock together one may be so oblivoius to the destructive ideologies as you are made to feel welcome in enjoying what is called living ''the truth'' i intend to take what is constructive and that which can add value to my life and embrace it . I will not be pulled in self medoicrity in the contest of promisciuty,desperation in the race to feel loved or experience what has been eluding me.

We all have what makes us and in respect of the new dawn in my life ,its not going to determine what i am and what i can achieve or do in my world.I  know some will disagree but we all have the freedom of choice ,the difference lies on how wise is your choice.

So as i said in the post i have read of very interesting blogs and i will do a blogs review and post the links in a laterpost so yo can check emm out. The traffic has been incresing lately and i love it-to my new readers enjoy-to all please feel free to comment or for topics you wann see discussed or any questions.

Happy thanksgiving.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Horny actors partying

While at a party a few weeks ago, TV Actor 1 set up his new lover, TV Actor 2, with a "date" for the night. Actor 1 thought that Actor 2 would enjoy the experience of hooking up with someone different. The media got hold of the story from other party guests, and reported that the hunk was on the prowl and had a one night stand with this very beautiful woman. Well, almost. The mainstream media got it wrong. The "date" was actually a pretty pre-op transsexual! The Actors are both happy about the media report, though, as it allows them to both remain in the closet for another season.TV Actor 1: Shawn Pyfrom
TV Actor 2: Chace Crawford
"Glee" party

Cresent strikes back

Gay Star's Clueless Beard Walks In On a Shocker! People have a right to live their lives, let's be clear about that. And that's why we do not out gay stars at AT, never have, never will. But when matinee idols like Toothy Tile and Fey Oil-Tush choose to involve other, non-gay folks in their clandestine lives, it changes the rules. For instance, Crescent Kumquat's latest beard was beginning to wonder why the heck the handsome star never laid a finger on her in private. Well, she just found out the reason the hard way: When the gorgeous, tall stunner Crescent had been parading around to parties just happened to hop over to her man's place to surprise him (and she found that he was not only home, but, the place was pretty open). Only it was she who got the shock when she walked in on Crescent having sex with a dude! And not just a little petting or oral action, either, babes, Crescent was right in the middle of getting done to him what the gorgeous, real-blonde chica had wished he would do to her! Now, we gotta say we're starting to wonder just how much dope Crescent's doing these days, because not even outlandish sex Vice Super-stars like Toothy and Crotch Uh-Lastic take this many chances—you know, like leaving the house wide open while getting it on with a guy inside. But then who'd have thunk the gf would come over for a surprise? Well, all the more reason to actually give these beards a little lovin' once in awhile, boys. Ya know, so they're not so damn horny! But the discarded chica does get the last laugh, we must note. Won't be getting that nasty social disease Mr. Kumquat's known to have, whew! Wonder if that latest blondie CC's been out with will be as lucky? AND IT AIN'T: Tom Sturridge, Charlie Sheen, Robert Pattinson.


True blood star in the down low

I really wish I could have witnessed this first hand. I heard it was hysterical. So, this recent network reality star who is more famous for something other than being on a reality show for a bit was walking down the street yesterday in West Hollywood when she was confronted by a very angry man. The reality star has supposedly been dating this B-/C+ primarily television actor and the man on the street was not happy. The gist of the conversation was that the reality star had stolen her man. The reality star thought the person meant like he was a fan of the actor and was just joking about the theft of "his man." Turns out that is not the case at all as he loudly proclaimed right there on the street that until our reality star came along, the man on the street and the actor had been "fucking and sucking" every night but because he could not make him famous he went out and found a "slut like you." Elisabetta Canalis/Mehcad Brooks


Movie scoop

When the principal actors of a film do pre-release interviews, they usually talk about the main themes of the movie. Not in this case. Some of the main players of this upcoming film are completely skirting around one of the film’s main topics. We think it’s because it hits a little too close to home. All of the leads – as well as the director – are gay, lesbian or bisexual. Only one of them is out of the closet. We think it would make for much better interviews and much better box office for the film if they would just suck it up and speak openly about the topic… even if they aren’t willing to come out at this point."J Edgar Hoover" Lance Black (the screenwriter) is out. Leonardo DiCaprio and Ed Westwick
"Margin Call" Zachery Quinto (out). Kevin Spacey and Penn Badgley
"Breaking Dawn: Bill Condon is openly gay. Kristen Stewart; Robert Pattinson; Taylor Lautner

source-blind gossip

I never thought leo was in the closet!!!!!

Young actors trending dangerously

This female reality star was at a party with a number of closeted gay actors recently. What the rest of the guests didn’t know was that four people were going to be staging a little play starring the reality star and three of the actors. The objective was to get the guests to buy into the drama and feed the story to the tabloids. The “story”, approved by their publicists, was that the reality babe was dating a hunky actor, and that the actor’s television costar – along with the costar’s boyfriend – were quite vocal about the relationship. The reality star and the three closeted gay actors all played their roles to the hilt, and the story did wind up in the tabloids. What is still unclear, though, is whether it was a one-time publicity stunt, or if the reality star‘s convincing performance has secured her a longer-term gig as a paid beard.Reality Star: Lauren Conrad
Actor: Chace Crawford
Actor’s Costar: Penn Badgley
Costar’s Boyfriend: Shawn Pyform

Pen and shawn look cute together- i love this couple and i know most of yo too.

Source blind gossip

Hunky star forced ito denial

This newcomer is hunky and talented and has landed at least two very desirable lead roles in the past two years. While they may not have been huge box-office successes, they definitely gave him a higher profile in the industry. His publicists are having a problem with him, though. He started out his career as an openly gay man. And now they are having problems pushing him back into the closet. After all, how can he land the big action leads if people know he’s gay? So, he’s been given a beard, and recent interviews have contained awkward snippets of him talking about his relationships with women, and the kinds of things he does to impress his dates. Um, sure. Luke Evans "Immortals", "The Three Musketeers"

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Metroic Fear

Recently there was high drama and panic in a remote village in Kenya where something like a Metroic object fell from the sky. The villages went into panic for another fall so most went indoors and hoped for the best.

Imagine you are looking up in the sky and wondering if an object is gonna fall ,the  fear of the unexpected, fear of the future we know nothing about ,the shock ,blood rushing through the veins, the vasodilatation of the capillaries, the 1000 beats per second, the ultimate feeling of no control.

At times we are so overwhelmed by the metroic fear that we go numb, hibernate, hide, go quasi, passive or innate –inactive state that we don’t face the inner person we are to be the best we can be.

We have to learn to let go of our inequities, faults, disabilities and believe in your capabilities and making it in whatever that you are strong at. This has been one of the strongest vices that have kept me chained and not to appreciate the beautiful things human can be.

Many a times we fall in the depths excuses for the things we have not done , buying that car , taking the mortgage, chatting that hottie at the mall-she/he gave me that look “don’t even try” really ,we need to be courageous to face our most revered fears and make a mountain out of a more hill.

Inaction can be anything in general one feels so strongly about to make a move on but suddenly the metroic fear takes overrides the mind in thinking anything constructive and of adding value to ones life.

Many who fear relationships –would be heard saying “men with commitments me nah,I don`t do r/ships” they are either complicated or a lot of drama –the commitment thing aint for me yo-one would retort.  Being hurt or in a previous emotionally draining r /ship doesn`t close the door to future bliss ,we have to go beyond our insecurities and find in ourselves the person that can be loved and love back.

Moreover ,in this kind of lifestyle,  many are perceived to be cheaters ,I mean the libido here is just crazy, many a times satisfaction is a word that has no place in the dictionary, many tend to have a variety it seems “interesting” . one night stand is the norm of the day –am no garbage bin for your trash but variety is good if traded carefully ad  reckon.

This has been a struggle for me esp. in going against the grain in dating ,with chicks its easy as it’s the norm thing to do but with dudes,  I have never tried risking, I mean what do one expect a slap, an outing, being shamed in public or living with guilt that one day amma be exposed to the world.

The feeling of somehow giving one too much to work with against my innocence is such a protective gear I have worn for many years,I don’t at times I wish the world would be so open one can just approach anyone and say what u thinks ,it would be easy but I guess we gotta learn to be patient and adapt to the environment we live in.i don’t want to regret something I would have prevented.

Sincerely right now am at a point where I don’t know what to do with myself but enjoy each day as precious, loving myself of course and strongly believing in what I know is right within my frame of judgment.

One day I guess I will be that courageous and hala………….

Come out already zac!!!!

This teen heartthrob recently spent the night hanging out at a club in Los Angeles. Not a big deal, since he broke up with his girlfriend months ago. While everyone wanted to dance with him, he quickly zeroed in on one particular tall willowy blond, and the two spent a good part of the evening dancing and grinding together. He wound up taking the lucky one home, presumably for a romantic night together. Did we mention that this was a gay club, and that the blond was another guy? The heartthrob’s ex-girlfriend would not be surprised at all about this, nor would she care. She’s already moved on to her next beard. Zac Ephron

This well known actor from the Twilight franchise is set to come out. He wanted to do it in this round of press tours but is being pressured to wait until the final installment tour.

???????-taylor lutner 
blind gossip

Blind item 2-glee secret

There’s no denying that this actor is very talented. However, in this town, talent will only take you so far. There’s a good reason that our actor’s been getting a lot more face time and screen time and attention this season than the rest of his castmates. It’s because our actor hit the old casting couch with the show’s producer. Even though the overt favoritism is causing dissension among the ranks, the producer just can’t stop giving his honey more screen time and parading him around at various industry events like a prized poodle. Most people outside the show haven’t made the personal connection between the actor and the producer yet. Perhaps it’s because there is such a significant age difference between the two. Or, perhaps it’s because the actor has explicitly stated in interviews that he is straight. Or, perhaps it’s because the producer is supposed to be getting married.
Show: "Glee"
Actor: Darren Criss
Producer: Ryan Murphy

blind gossip 

Twilight goes both ways

Bi Guy Grabs Slutty Beard to Protect A-List Boyfriend. We knew something didn't make sense! When the deliciously sexy (and untraditional) movie star Nevis Devine started hanging out less with his on/off boyfriend, the almost-as-handsome Barrington Bang-Me, we thought it was just the natural ebb of Nevis' libido. He's more into girls than guys, after all. But then we discovered the downtime between the guys was far more to do with Barrington's master plot! Oh, what a tangled web these bisexual boys can weave! Not that long ago, Barrington hooked up with a pretty visible gal. This was right around the time people were started to wonder what the hell's going on with the two guys, anyway. But, no more! Bare's new babe (who's been around almost as much as Nevis has, hmm...) took care of those rumors. However—surprise, surprise—things are rotten between Barrington and the beard. But, what really is a surprise is the fact that we just discovered: Mr. Bang-Me only took up with said honey because he didn't want to endanger Nevis's career, he didn't give a you-know-what about his own reputation. Oh, my. Is this love? And It Ain't: Jake Gyllenhaal, Hugh Grant, Alexander Skarsgård.
Nevis Devine: Rob Pattinson
Barrington Bang-Me: Tom Sturridge
Barrington's new babe: Sienna Miller

ted casablanca 

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


 When it seems so surreal, it dawns with such heaviness within ones soul, everything moves so fast yet so slow.
When it burns you inside alive and there is not a possible way to extinguish the fire, you fell so hapless.
When its all said and done, yet there can be more stories to be told, a story to be untold ,a dreadful revelation to be unearthed, one fears and treble with fear of unknown.
When the fear of unknown takes us hostage, you can’t find to acknowledge the truth-it hurts so deeply yet in the midst of the pain you need to find love in whom you are.
When you seem to be the life of the party, everyone loves your gift of gab, you are a well of knowledge, people love your company, yet you feel so alone withing who you are.
When a smile and a voice to tell you –“it’s okay” is the only remedy your souls desperately craves yet one knows it’s never going to be enough to turn the tables.
When the entire confidence one exudes, so attractive. So strong, so admirable, yet at times you look in the mirror and you see the flaws you have, the feeling of ugliness rears through.
When the grace you extends to those in need is the medicine one needs to take.
When the pain becomes so unbearable, one writhes, cringes, moans, tears yet the happiness we so desperate want is withing who we are.
When its all said and done becomes a cliché quote, we start to question what has become of us, questions linger within our thoughts of who are we and what we want to be.
When it feels so bleak, like in solitude, when cling on hope that- the birds singing will usher the ray of new beginning we eager to commence.
When our conscience fails us to discern with what a facade is and what really intrigues our aspirations of being a success.
When the feeling of being inadequate, insignificant, against normal, helpless and in “something “you can`t find an adjective to describe –know all is not lost as find solace in finding yourself.
When vices become so enticing seemingly the only option we fail in our core dependent values that can thrust us to greatness we yearn to achieve.
When it feels like you are walking in a crowded street yet so alone, the world seems so deserted with souls walking rather than beings. No one can see you yet you yearn to be noticed.
When it feels so stupid to say, do or think something you can’t take back, you may feel anger and remorse at the same time. We wish we knew better
When knowing you is a task you haven`t conducted then you are at point of deviate right or left the choice is yours.
When all these above happen, we may feel to let go and throw ourselves in a cocoon of self evaluation, being critical and melancholic within –know that it’s OK, you are allowed to be human and this will help you grow in what you want to be become.
Love you guys.