Thursday, 24 May 2012


when i started this blog my gosh i was in a lost place,i had feeling of attraction to men with baffled me many a times.
a part of loved it so much jst as i loathed my self ,i was taught men should behave in a certain way and going against the grain is abnormality near abomination.
who could i tell ,i needed somebody to listen,to cry with me, a voice to tell me its okay,a shoulder to bury my shame so i thot, seeking solace in my world was impudency to claim.
i wasnt ready for people to know me like this,the jeers,the whispers,the shame, the self doubt,the third eye ad be given,i wasnt ready to cry and face the world .
reading blogs here jst was a breath of fresh air,just wat i needed, "VAIN,RECLUSIVE ONE,GAYTEKEEPER,SINIA SAFI,CUPETEA,RANDOM,BAMA BOY BLUES jst to name a few have helped me in this wonderful journey.
i love myself more am not ashamed of who i am no confliction anymore,i knw who i am and ofcourse the road wont be easy but al enjoy it.
al be changing the blogs name soon to reflect my new identity.
cheers yoll

Saturday, 5 May 2012


I have recently been busy with school work exams and relevant entities.Thank God am finaly done with college as i embark on my journey of adult hood coupled with freedom of exploration.

Got a hit up recently from some guyz on fb but i was never feeling both~an asian dude and some teen ,the teen seemed kinder nice but my concience wasnt feeling it ,the young lad needs more time for self realization.The asian dude was kinder way mature for me he was like 10yrs older than me~experienced in gay dating and all.

I just feel like i want some age mate we could reason with @ per because it would be easier for me to be my self act under no pressure and feel the vibe well.

Shocker is i cant to let go dem nigga i had a huge crush on(hot boy) from previous post,even though i kinder told him off on his general character ettiquette~he seemed so pissed and probably not friends anymore but anyhow am awesome nd life is a bitch..

Not fealt this post.nkt..