Monday, 24 October 2011

Hot realization

Lately i have been seeing hot guys around ,i mean everywhere i go am like this dude is kinder yummy.Just a few days ago i was in town jst walking then he passed me hurriedly MY GOSH -the first thing i saw was the beefy butt cakes ,men he was packing with a dem twos moving on accordance with his walking style. 

 He was brown skin,average height,more on the muscular side ,donning a hot tight t-shirt with low hanging rusty blue jeans with such swag i guessed he was perfect fucking material. He wore one earing on one side so i got a tiny tiny idea he might be playing on the good side.
There was also one day just recently i was coming to school and this hot neighbor -this guy is called rider -he loves riding a motor bike around the estate.recently he was involved  in a road accident and i knew from a friend of mine who is also his kinder best friend. so seeing him that day -imagine you guys the first thing taht came to my mind was i think i can fuck this guy as in can give up my virgin ass (cherry pooping- try guy sex for the first time) to this hot hunk.

The guy is relatively good looking to me average scale he as 8-10 being burning hot.he has this swag about him that is just so surreal yet so intriguing -i like to  mystery, by the way he gives me none gay vibe -you know those people you admire but never imagining anything working. The one thing that stood for me is how he made me make  such a deep decision regarding actually engaging gay sex. 4 real he can make me try it-4 him he does it -i don't know how but he has the x keys unlocking my innocence.

Lesson learn i mean dudes have "something" about their bodies that just does for me-be brown,relatively built,have nice cakes and killer personality yo have me twisted.

Friday, 21 October 2011

The crush

Kenny was a dosing off in the history class his mind somewhere far away day dreaming of his crush Jake, he loathed afternoon lessons after all, he sat at the furthest corner and Mrs. Spencer knew of his lazy habit, mrs Spencer was one of the most vocal historians he ever knew, was top of her class and an alumni of Yale but her teaching method was just so uninteresting to him.
‘Kenny what year did the Berlin wall brought down?’ Mrs. Spencer barked.
“WHAT?” Kenny asks looking awaken!!!
Mrs. Spencer, ‘Go get some air Kenny you are ruining the beauty of my class’
Kenny walks off the class leaving giggles behind him. Just as he emerged from the corridor he almost bumped onto Merissa –Merissa is Kenny’s ex girlfriend, she is the queen bee of the school ,she is a mixture of Mexican ,black and Caucasian, she is endearingly beautiful and she knew the truth about Kenny which they sweared to each other should never come out. 

Merissa busted Kenny one night having sex with a dude she knew was Kenny`s study buddy, she missed her boyfriend and decided to drop in promptu. Since then Merissa has nothing but hate towards her ex-how could he do that to her yet many guys would love to have her. This if could ever come out it would destroy her queen status and so that was the bargaining chip Kenny used to seal the secret. Kenny as well was not ready for the ‘coming out party’
Jake was a brown in complexion down to earth kind of a guy, he was one of the most intelligent people Kenny ever knew, life of the party his friends would refer to him, they are not even friends but he would feel this natural connection to him but there was something that every time he would see Jake it would ignite this strong sexual attraction to him. His sense was style was just so straight –thuggish just as he likes on his boys, he would tell himself.
He would asked himself in a monologue –I thinks it’s the eyes, probably the swag ,the smile-the lips gosh!!, the laughter or maybe his walking style damn I love all about this guy –there is something though he would resign-I can`t put my finger on it but it’s there he believed.

Kenny passed her ex and decided to look back after passing to his shock –she meets and hugs Jake at the furthest corner as they hold hands going further. Kenny eyes opened wide and he almost had a panic attack fortunately he cooled down.

The following day he met Jake at the college cafeteria.
Kenny; hi,
Jake; hi,
Kenny; Jake right?
Jake; yea-Jake mcloon, you?
Kenny; Kenny mars.
Kenny; you know Merissa?
Jake; yea she so nice, very beautiful I may add(smiling)
Kenny; I know I used to date her.
Jake; ohh, sorry men, what did happen?, I hope am not prying or anything (sounding apologetic)
Kenny; no not at all, she found me cheating.
Jake; ok-do you regret?, just by the way was she worth it?.
Kenny; no regrets, was just being myself and no it was a guy!!
Jake; (gasping) OHH so you are bi or gay?
Kenny; I don’t know yet but I like guys.

Jakes phone rings and he leaves-see you mate he waves .Oh my God what have I done am so gonna be outed, jeez did he noticed am into him?
He imagined how big his dick his-he had a big bulge when he sat next to him. His dick would probably be a mushroom (he loves mushroom dicks the rubber sheaths does it for him). Kenny`s dick was rock hard and he felt so horny,he would love to be naked and licks jakes balls whilst sucking his juicy sweet dick,he wanted him so badly inside him to fuck him like never be done before. It’s long since he had sex and it was calling him, he knew what he wanted to do?

Labels stories

So far yet so near!!

Of late I have been grappling with this distasteful feeling of what will it really happen of me or maybe am not who I think I am, Let me tell a story, It was in my first year, I was friends with D. So many a times I used to go D`s class to say hi, but there was this friend of his called M who was strange. M really liked blinding me from behind like with his hands on my eyes a behavior I used to find very weird taking into account we were not friends. so fast forward few months our friendship kinder grew and we really got very close –we used to message one another very frequently on facebook or on the phone .M is one of these polite guys very innocent looking ,really Cute and generally neat. He is around 5`8 slender guy with very good sense of grooming.
I used to remember we`d hang out around campus and he would like just touch my nipples- very quickly catching me always unawares, and surprisingly enough it felt good (I was in this time- gay was nowhere in the equation)so I took this as an innocent buddy joke. Surprisingly this continued for a very long time and I actually never minded –I remember I asked him one day why he does that –he`d say he is a nipple kind of a guy –doesn’t matter if a guy’s or chicks, now my doubts about his sexuality started.
As time went on I started feeling this guy in a very weird sense since I have never done anything not even fall in love with a dude. I really started thinking of him a lot .One day we were from lunch and this guy tells me he would suck my dick-I looked at him in shock and disbelief like dude am a “GUY”-playing the straight card secretly hoping he actually means what he is saying .then before he entered his class he said he actually meant what he was saying am like yo gay jeez!! , that day my mind was just confused of what to say knowing he is probably waiting for a response ,So the next day I told him ad probably reciprocate (I sound like a teenager-really silly-he he)  then he was like dude I was joking so I let it go. M came back after holidays and started dating this chick, most of the times he`d be like am straight and moved on –not saying but his actions would scream this -just by the way nigga was dumped some 2 months ago the chick saying he is weak emotionally and a poor lover (dude a virgin) in the sense of romance not sex.
So I decide to stop joking and convinced myself me and him would not work, knowing no one between us has even acknowledged if we are gay. He started coming back with this nonsensical rubbish of stories –he would tell me about a gay couple he heard talking about sweet nothings to each other in the men’s toilet. Then he told me one day that the gay couple are cute together, am like why are u telling me shit you pretend u aint and deeply wanna have pliz bitch spare me.
Even though I managed to let go of the feelings of him ,there was this irresistible sexual attraction I have for the nigga, I would tell myself this “struggle” you know guys –its difficult and every one of us deals with it differently and at ones pace so I decided to let go of him to find himself but the truth I know nigga is Gay and hope he accepts the truth about himself- only time will tell the truth!!!
Recently after freshers came, there was this guy –we are doing the same course so we talked and kinder became fast friends, lets call him handsome (dude HOT!!Chicks have been all over his ass).so handsome and I have been hanging out together lately. The guy is like 20 yrs old so I consider him in a period of self realization and don’t wanna be preying on a vulnerable mind. The thing is of late I have been feeling this dude crazy and I think the feeling is somehow mutual but not very sure .The thing is that this guy gives me no queer vibe but yet I can totally make him do whatever. Do I tell him how I feel or just let go –need advice pple……………..
These two scenarios just gives me a sense that maybe I may have the feelings for guys but the big question comes to mind- am I ready to be in a relationship with one? , will it be mutual or “turning tables”?, is it right? ,am just right now at a point of confliction where I have no idea what to do? .yes I may feel attracted to guys but do I want to have gay sex –probably yes and no,-I guess am having the fear of the unknown synonymous with new things.
Please tell me better……………………
To be continued………..