Saturday, 27 October 2012

Coming out dispair

I read some coming out stories in a site and was amazed by the touching stories of how life has been so refreshing and rather new as they embrace the new sence of freedom.

I wish at times if this gay thing would be a choice as many on the mainstream say. honestly i would pass but since am innately with it i felt that the journey of self acceptance also need to include the opening of one's world to experience what others would bring
Comming out month passed and i started my journey of unshackling myself from york albeit cant promise family will be included in the "revelation"
Today i came out to a friend (was kinder hoping on the low hez bi) but his reaction stalted me to say the least ,he showed no emotion~no shock,anger,happiness, just behaved liked i dint say anything.i know some people ignore these revelation more if he aint digging it.
Am rather left despondent,angry with my vulnerability,feeling so melancholic and rather regretive.
I think am getting lost so much in these world of mixed emotions just hope one day i will see happines of being in a relationship with a guy since am deffinately going to marry a woman.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


hey yo,i knw so so so long,after school i got an internship which was located at the country side .
yea am so missing the big city,so back to the main issue of this blog,i met a young relatively handsome guy here and boy did we have chemistry,i felt wiered since we have never discussed the issue of gayness or same sex attraction but i felt like my gaydar was telling me something.
i was getting attached emotionally then he totaly brings the issue of a girlfriend,and a convo we had that totaly convinced me nigga is straight.
for a moment i thought this would be my first but saddly the wait continues,wil i get a gay/bi guy among the straight forlk,mabe am luking at the wrong places,or wil someone find me hiding in this glass closet? i hope its transparent enough to get me a guy.
i broke up with my girlfriend ~yea was due..
wat can i say another straight bait.wait continues.cheers