Friday, 6 April 2012

I have been getting this feeling guyz have been checking me out.i have kinder upgraded my style ,clothings,i walk around more confident self aware without a care in the world.

My main problem is after i hitted on my straight friend which ended in a hot mess,i want to be atleast sure or slightly convinced the next nigga would be bi/gay.

The gaydar is something is still very elusive for me,how does one know ,a dude is into you,the look,his demenour,his swag,hes behaviour around you.

Here many people are closeted and knowing who wants to play can be very daunting or atleast hard.

People i need tips,suggestions,things i can even do myself to give the gay vibe to attract dem brothers my way.

I seriously need some man loving real hard ,i feel like am ready to explore this side of me.Its my life anyway so will be very catious of the consequences that comes with it.

If you are single and in kenys hit me up in my email or all yo can send me emails of elaborate tip/directions.

All info send to ,all will be appreciated. thnx yo.