Sunday, 26 February 2012


 We met a couple of weeks ago in the school's computer lab.The thing is i have been seeing him around campus and men does he bring it.  He is around 6 ft my height,choclate skin,cute tiny eyes,muscular broad shoulders nd chest,gorgeous lips(damn i want to kiss them so hard) and nice booty cake that sold me forever.He love sagging so i get to see and want what i see.hehe 

So it went well meeting infact we really chatted that day together ,he even gave ma a push 3km from days went by we became close  quite close .  One day when we were chatting the topic of gays arose and goodness me he was livid with hate ,which to be truthful took me aback but i could get a sence he was taking the "high normal road " to throw me off gaurd in his views on the topic.

 The folllowing day i texted him this"i enoyed our time together but we have to count our losses and move on as you have something i want and will never get."  He was shocked and wrecked only for me to notice i meant something to he texted me later inquiring why? 

The convo went like this;
him:wats up?
me;nothing much just chilling
 him:the message?
me;what do you make of it?
 him;you are a coward? me;haha -what did i say to suggest him:refer to text(i had deleted so he sent me the text)
me;i guess i am him:
what did you want outta me?
 me:lsomething i cant have,beautiful ugly
 him:nothing like beautiful ugly
me:i cant say fear of unknown
 me:new territories,good things that can make me lose myself
 me:this will be akward 2morow
him;not at all lol
me:what do you think
 him;There are 2 "this"currently
me;am lost
 him:good you are 

NB/HE JST GOT BACK TOGETHER WITH HIS EX GALFRND....  so guys where is this going because i cant stop thinking of him he has swept me away.he is everything i ever wanted in a dude.  We are meeting tommorow will see what happens...keep tuned.